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Today’s low yield environment has put pressure on the profitability of institutional investors’ portfolios. In order to face this challenge, more and more investors become aware of the attractive investment features of private equity.

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Munich Private Equity Partners (MPEP) opens the whole potential of this asset class to you. We build world-class private equity portfolios for our investors, providing meaningful access to the best fund managers globally.

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    We create well-diversified portfolios of private equity funds to provide our clients carefully selected exposure to what we consider the most attractive private equity segments covered by the best fund managers on a global base.


    We offer customised managed accounts for institutional investors. Structure, investment strategy and the selection of individual investments are precisely tailored to our client‘s needs.


    We offer advisory and single services throughout the entire private equity lifecycle from market screening over due diligence and execution to post-investment management and monitoring.


MPEP provides access to the world‘s best and most sought-after private equity funds. These managers have the passion and expertise coupled with a clear vision of how they can create value together with their target companies. A selection of fund manager relationships from our existing investment programmes is displayed below.


Market focus
Private equity generally describes investments in privately held companies. The asset class has a relatively low correlation to other asset classes while generating long-term excess returns, which makes private equity so attractive for the world’s most renowned institutional investors. MPEP has a preference for managers investing in “mature” mid-market companies in established economies, which it perceives as being best position to offer the potential for superior risk-adjusted returns for the following reasons:

  • Lower risk: “Mature” companies within the buyout segment generally generate significant revenues.
  • Higher potential: mid-market companies have higher potential for rapid growth (establishment of int. standards, expansion, acquisitions, digitalisation)
  • Lower entry prices: investments within the mid-market segment are less intermediated and therefore face less price competition than mega-buyout deals
  • Stability: established regions offer a stable economical and political framework and thus are the basis for sustainable long-term performance and low volatility.

Manager selection
We are enthusiastic about our partners and we are eager to understand organisations and their people. That is why our selection is not purely based on facts & figures, but also on long-lasting personal relationships, which are crucial for a reliable and successful partnership. Nevertheless, a rigorous in-depth due diligence is essential and a mandatory duty for every fund investment. Our selection principles are the following:

  • We target market leaders in the entry, enhancement or exit phases of investments.
  • We prefer managers with a differentiated strategy to source and win deals.
  • We are biased towards managers who create strategically relevant assets.
  • We seek managers with a strong, proven and replicable track record across cycles.
  • We consciously build portfolios of managers with a blend of investment styles.

Our values underline what inspires and drives us and what significance we ascribe to our relationships with our clients, partners and colleagues.

We will maintain the highest standards of customer service at all times

We will be fair and respectful in our dealing with all parties

We will strive to create a positive working environment at all times

We will demonstrate a relentless dedication to improvement

We believe that responsible investing helps to drive long-term value creation for our clients, employees and the society at large. The long-term nature and ownership model of the private equity asset class essentially supports responsible investing. This is why we are convinced that responsible investing can reduce risk while increasing performance potential.

At MPEP, we adhere to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI). Through a tailored approach we integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria as an integral part in our investment process.

Each fund investment opportunity is evaluated from an ESG perspective. The resulting ESG rating is an integral factor in our decision-making process and disclosed to the Investment Committee. A bad rating can cause the refusal of a fund manager.

We monitor and discuss potential ESG topics with fund managers during portfolio updates and advisory board meetings to assure an ongoing ESG focus for existing or potential new investments during the lifetime of a fund.


Over the last decade we have cultivated close relationships with many of the most sought-after private equity managers in the world. Today, Munich Private Equity Partners is one of Europe’s leading private equity advisory firms overseeing €1.8bn assets under management and more than 190 fund investments, primarily in the buyout segment.

Our team members have diverse backgrounds, but share a common passion for value creation in private-equity-financed companies. This passion and our continuous pro-active approach are an integral part of our past achievement and also enable us to prevail in an increasingly competitive environment. We are dedicated to constantly improving and to continue providing our clients access to the world’s top private equity funds.


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