When the number of possibilities is endless, focus becomes essential.

We build carefully selected fund portfolios providing access to best-in-class and highly sought-after private equity managers in the European and North American lower mid-market.

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  • About MPEP

    Munich Private Equity Partners (MPEP) is one of Europe's leading fund of funds specialists focusing solely on primary buyout funds in the lower mid-market. Our team is driven by a shared passion to partner with the industry's elite.

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    • Track Record

      Providing track record on record level.

      Most claim to work with the best. We let numbers do the talking. Our lower mid-market managers across Europe and North America have proven their outstanding value creation capabilities and outperformance potential by having on average almost quadrupled the invested capital across their realized investments.

    • Exits


      Realized Gross MOIC


      Realized Gross IRR


    • Approach

      Conservatism meets outperformance.

      Our fund of funds programs provide an asymmetric risk-reward profile to investors. While our approach is conservative in nature, our clients benefit from strong outperformance potential which is enabled by gaining access to the industry's elite in the most attractive market segment.

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